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Farming and the Future | Because farming is important, but it's changing because of money, the internet and science

Looking at Farms while Traveling

I don’t spend all my time at the farm. I still like to get around and travel to other places. Part of this is because it allows me to truly relax. I find it hard to relax on the farm because I’m always reminded about the work that needs to be done next. But when I’m in some other city or country, it’s easier for me to forget about that for a while.

I also like to travel because it allows me to do some research on how other farms do their thing. I was traveling recently, and I remember that we stayed at the Bella Vista Hamilton motel. I remember that stay because, while I didn’t actually look around at other farms, I was able to daydream a bit and sort of just think about farming in general. It was a nice experience, letting my mind wander, because it allowed me to come up with some fresh ideas that I hadn’t considered before. Then, when I was traveling in some other places, I saw some farms which were also doing things differently, so I made it a point to take note of those differences, so I could try them at home.

Farming and International Connections

It’s easy to think of farming as something which is very local. You have the land itself. And you have the individuals and machinery that do the actual farming on the land. Of course, crops that are harvested aren’t just sold in the local market. For a very long time already, many farms sell their harvest on, and these eventually make their way into products which are sold in other countries. So there have already been many farmers which produce crops with an eye toward the export market. That in itself is nothing new. What is new, however, is how the internet is making it possible for international connections and work, to already have a direct effect on the farm.

For instance, there is a growing supply of persons and firms in other countries, which provide accounting and bookkeeping services at the international level. This is something that a farmer may want to consider, especially if he or she does not require an accountant or bookkeeper who is geographically proximate. It may be possible to hire someone to help with the books who is in a different country. This opens up  the pool of available professionals, so that the farmer can consider even people who live far away.

Things have gotten to the point where hiring someone from another country is not much harder than hiring someone locally. You can peruse resumes online, and accept them via email. It’s possible to interview someone via instant messaging. If seeing the person is important, there’s also video calling. And payments are relatively easy to make because an international money transfer nowadays is pretty straightforward. So this is a development that would be wise to consider, especially if you can’t seem to find a worker that you’re satisfied with. Perhaps branching out and moving to the international level will allow you to find someone you can work with.

Because farming is important, but it's changing because of money, the internet and science